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Meanings for these aspects are drawn strictly from the Magi Planetary Symbolisms of the planets involved. Zodiac7 aspects follow the same rules as the Quincunx, Contra-parallel, and Contra-latitude: they are linkages if neither planet is a Saturnian planet. Zodiac7 aspects are clashes if either planet is a Saturnian planet. About Magi Planetary Symbolisms. Planetary Geometry refers to the shapes that result when lines are drawn between 3 or more planets within Magi orbs to one another. In fact, our research has shown that Planetary Geometry is the single most important and powerful factor in any chart.

When doing any type of chart interpretation, the first thing to consider always is Planetary Geometry. Flying Eagle. Mystical Triangle. There are many more possible shapes, including both traditional astrological patterns such as the Grand Cross, Yod and Minor Grand Trine, as well as the Magi geometrical patterns such as the Dragon, the Right Angle, the Wedge and the Spearhead.

See below for more information on these configurations. Dek or Lat B. Planetary Synchronization is another Magi concept. This occurs when multiple planets make angles within allowable orbs with one another, but at least some of those planets do not form primary aspects. Such planets also work synergistically together, though not with the same amazing strength as in true Planetary Geometry. See an example at right. All Planetary Geometry is powerful, but all patterns are not equally powerful.

Several factors determine the relative power of a geometrical pattern. Number of Planets: The power of Planetary Geometry is directly proportional to the number of planets that form the Planetary Geometry — the more planets involved, the more powerful the Planetary Geometry. Symmetry: Patterns which are symmetrical are much more powerful than asymmetrical patterns. Rarity: All Planetary Geometry is powerful, but rare Planetary Geometry is even more powerful- the more rare the Planetary Geometry, the more power it has.

The rarest Planetary Geometry is comprised of the most complex patterns and of the most planets. In a CAC the same Magi orbs described above are used to determine inter-aspects.

Magi Astrology software makes it easy to see how 2 sets of planets interact with one another, by overlaying one set of planets over the other, and drawing the lines between planets aspecting one another. A simple example is shown below.

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You can see that when lines are drawn between Person A's planetary configuration in the left chart and Person B's single planet in the middle chart, the result is the Symmetrical Planetary Geometry in the right chart:. Symmetrical Planetary Geometry between two natal charts creates as powerful an effect in the relationship as it does in a natal chart. Two persons will not have any serious association with each other unless they form strong Planetary Geometry.

The more powerful the Planetary Geometry, the more serious the relationship that develops, and the longer it will last. Planetary Geometry between any two charts is highly significant, such as between your natal chart and the chart of your wedding date, business incorporation date, domain purchase date, brokerage account opening date, or between your natal chart and the chart of the day you met someone important. Understanding the key importance of Planetary Geometry helps us to understand natal charts and human relationships, and also lays the groundwork for beginning to understand how to choose important dates in our lives to create the life we want.

To understand all the subtleties and nuances of interpretation of Planetary Aspects and Planetary Geometry in Magi Astrology, time and lots of practice are really the best teachers.


However, interpretation really boils down to this basic formula:. Symbolic meanings of the planets in Magi Astrology can be found in the lesson: Planetary Symbolisms in Magi Astrology.

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A general consideration: Jupiter involved in any aspect is almost always helpful, and improves the interpretation of the aspect. The same degradation is also sometimes found with Juno or Sappho. However this isn't always the case - see Enhancement Dominance, below. As described earlier in this lesson, Conjunctions, Trines and Parallels are called Pure Enhancements, and are considered to be positive unless one or more of the planets involved is a Saturnian Planet or Juno, in which case even these can be problematic.

In that case the aspect becomes a clash and is stressful. Squares and Oppositions are always clashes, and are stressful. However, Clashes between favorable planets, such as Jupiter and Neptune, are actually much less stressful than Saturnan linkages.

Some of the patterns listed below are also found in traditional astrology, others are Magi patterns discovered in our ongoing research. The Magi Society has not yet revealed to the public all of our findings on Planetary Geometry, hence some of these patterns lack complete descriptions. Descriptions will be updated as more information is made public by the Magi Society. Dragon Complex Planetary Geometry of 3 or more planets. Dragons start with two planets forming a quincunx aspect. When a third planet is found on any of these Dragon Points, a Dragon is formed. This actually can allow a slightly wider orb for the third planet than is usual in Magi Astrology.

A Dragon may be formed in a CAC with a natal quincunx in one chart, and with a Dragon Point occupied by a planet from the other person. A transiting Dragon may be formed with a one transiting planet forming a quincunx with a natal planet, and a second transiting planet occupying a Dragon Point. A Dragon can contain a Yod, but can also contain a Mystical Triangle. Romantic Dragons are comprised of Romance planets and Sexual Dragons are comprised of Sexual planets. A Romantic Dragon can signify True Love. A Sexual Dragon can consume the two people involved- it is a sign of virtually irresistible and insatiable sexual attraction.

Fosters the illusion of True Love, but in and of itself is only a sign of intense lust.

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See Magi Planets. Flying Eagle Four or more planets forming a parallelogram with 2 trines on sides, 1 square at base, 2 quincunxes inside, and a semi-sextile at the top.

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A rare and powerful pattern containing 2 Mystical Triangles working together. The native or relationship can really soar in the areas indicated by the symbolisms of the planets involved. Fortress Any rectangle with 2 parallel sides Invincible Fortress: A rectangle with 2 parallel sides, with a third side a trine Mighty Fortress: Fortress with sextiles for 2 sides Gives great strength to the native or relationship in the areas symbolized by the planets involved in the Fortress. Golden Rectangle A planetary geometric configuration composed of four or more planets which create a rectangle formed by 2 trines and 2 sextiles.

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One type of Fortress. Highly favorable. Grand Cross A minimum of four planets forming 2 oppositions at right angles to one another which also form 4 squares. Highly stressful geometry. Grand Sextile A planetary geometric pattern of four or more planets forming a parallelogram shape with an opposition on one side and creating three sextiles. One type of Mighty Fortress. Grand Trine A minimum of three planets making 3 trines forming an equilateral triangle.

The strongest and most favorable three-planet configuration- tremendous harmony and synergy. Iron Butterfly A minimum of four planets forming a parallelogram with 2 squares on sides, 1 trine at base, 2 quincunxes inside, and a sextile on top. Immovable determination coupled with the agility of a butterfly.

Are be going to let this effect how lucky we think we are? The stock markets are so very Jupiter, they function on how optimistic we feel from day today. This star featured in my post about Psychopath Astrology as what I termed a psycho star. Where that eclipse dealt with removing poisons from our body, this one could be about removing toxic people worldwide. The top psycho star scorers were not surprisingly perhaps all in the constellation Scorpio, BUT wait! These scorpio-psycho stars are all placed in tropical Sagittarius, a sign generally regarded as benevolent, philosophical, jovial, pious and pretty harmless.

So we get the strange blending of two consecutive zodiac signs and archetypes Scorpio-Pluto and Sagittarius-Jupiter. This combination is describing the transition from 8th house secrecy to 9th house transparency, the bright scorching light of Jupiter burning away the masks. One thing Pluto and Jupiter share is extremism, which makes me think of fundamentalist religions and fanatics. These type of people we often label as being psychopaths, which brings us back to Dschubba. Scorpio is famous for the surgeons born in it and this star shows up just the qualities which they need to have.

The same applies to generals, policemen, private investigators and secret service agents, many of whom have this star well placed and aspected. In the celestial tarot this card is Canis Major, the larger of the two hunting dogs of Orion which includes the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. Who is this reminding us of, the big fat shining god of gods Jupiter?

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The Egyptians also associated Anubus, their guide to the Underworld with Sirius. So we get the hunting hound and underworld guardian in this card, which is still describing the transition from Pluto to Jupiter.

The heat is on, there is nowhere to hide. The card its self is about self exploration, and the realisation that one has been guarding an unconscious position which can be reversed once it is made conscious. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.