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Dragon Horoscope 2020 Chinese Predictions

A confident, accomplished lover is the best fit for her. The Dragon man in love: The Dragon man enjoys chasing the field -- and will keep it up for a long time -- until he finds his one true love. He attracts lovers by the bushels because his aura is full of power and charm.

Dragon men will have many partners. Each time the blush of romance fades, they go looking for another taste. Make him wait and he will long to conquer you -- even resorting to marriage to ensure that you are his -- and then For such a woman, he will stop his adventuresome pursuit of others for the rest of his life. Learn more about the Dragon in relationships!

Speaking Chinese

Dragons make money through hard work. They have great ideas and can earn a fortune for themselves or for the people they work with. They put all of their efforts into whatever they believe in, and they can revolutionize a company with modern techniques and the latest knowledge.

They are best suited for self-employment. If they work for you, assign them high-ranking roles, as Dragons do the best when they are given the freedom to rule.

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The sentimental life gets free from any tensions and restraints, thus the Dragon natives are relieved from this point of view and they can again express themselves freely, and they are ready now to make serious commitments. In the Earth Pig Year of , the Dragon will have a promising career.

Year of the Dragon Horoscope

Those born under this Chinse zodiac sign will be able, more than ever, to use their analytical skills for strategies to complete their projects during the Pig Year. The Year of presages for the Dragon natives that all challenges occurring during the 12 months of this year will be easily solved with intelligence and expertise.

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  • Money & Finance;

The business will excel, especially in marketing and sales, foreign partners even from other countries will get involved with you in commercial activities. Remote trips for business are also welcome for the development of the business area.

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Those born under the Dragon sign need to organize their financial situation and focus on financial balance and a better accounting. Between March and May of , your monetary financial situation will improve, with benefits both from inside and outside, and you are going to have a substantial positive budget. Which is going to be profitable in the future. However, the Dragon natives should be cautious in terms of spending money.

Chinese Zodiac: The Dragon

Futile expenses need to be carefully kept in check. In , Dragon natives can find love also during the social interactions or even during the meeting with the work colleagues. Because you wish to keep your existing relationship, you will need to make some compromises during May. It is possible to receive some news regarding a pregnancy during this period.

Quiz of the Day

It is good, in this regard, to carefully check your Feng Shui zone. Compatibility: The Dragon sign is compatible with the Monkey and the Rat natives. Some of the best compatibilities from the Chinese zodiac are between these signs. Give yourself some space and your relationship is going to be pleasant.