Ruchaka yoga in horoscope

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Pancha Maha Pursha Yoga

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The five Panch Mahapurusha Yogas combinations formed by five planets are known as: 1. Vijay Kumar. Jatinder Sandhu. Muhammad Azhar Saleem Astrologer. Zara Danza Orientale. Anand Agrawal.

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Mohammad Maroof Khan. Prem Kumar.

Ruchaka Yoga (रूचक योग)

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PANCHA MAHAPURUSHA YOGAS bhadra ruchaka hamsa malavya sasha yoga in vedic astrology

Zoltan Veres. Srinagesh V Mandapaka.

Factors Affecting Ruchaka Yoga

Jyotish Freedom. Sanggeetha Rajendran. Suppy P. Venkata Sreekanth Sampath.

Helder Tougeiro. Strength of Ruchaka Yoga depends on. Strength of mars.

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Mars should be unblemished. Person with Ruchaka MP Yoga have lots of enthusiasm, courage, aggression, forced personality,having oval shaped face. They are blessed with lots of property,Name fame. Hence the natives benefitting from Ruchaka Yoga may achieve good results as athletes, sportsmen, body builders, police officers, army officers, naval officer, air force officers, other officers related to various types of defense services, politicians, ministers and many other types of professionals, depending on the overall tone of their horoscopes.

We know that all these qualities and achievements are found rarely and they are not found in a great number of people. Therefore the formation of Ruchaka Yoga in a horoscope should also be a rare phenomenon and it should not be something that may repeat in a number of horoscopes. This is because horoscopes only reflect our personalities and our destinies based on those personalities.

Hence if a person is very good, that goodness is shown in his horoscope also. It means that if the number of very good people like the ones mentioned in this example is not much, there should not be many horoscopes featuring strong Ruchaka Yoga. Analyzing the definition of Ruchaka Yoga, we can find out that according to its prevalent definition, this Yoga is present in every 12th horoscope on average as there are only 12 houses and 12 signs in a horoscope.

Pancha Maha Pursha Yoga | Planets In Astrology | Horoscope

Accordingly, the probability of Mars being placed in any particular house in different signs makes 12 placements of Mars in every house. Since Mars can be present in 12 different signs in each house, so the total number of combinations for all 12 houses will be Looking at the formation of Ruchaka Yoga, Mars can form Ruchaka Yoga when present in 1st house in one of the three signs namely Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn, and hence the number of occurrences is 3.

The same number of occurrences will be found in case of placements of Mars in 4th, 7th and 10th houses which makes a total of 12 occurrences of Ruchaka Yoga out of the total placements of Mars in 12 different houses and in 12 different signs. Hence this Yoga should be present in every 12th horoscope on average and accordingly every 12th person should be blessed with the great qualities and luck rendered by this Yoga.

This is obviously not the case in actual practice as such great qualities and achievements are found rarely.

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The most important factor for the formation of Ruchaka Yoga in a horoscope is that Mars should be working as a benefic planet in a horoscope, apart from being placed in any one of the already mentioned houses in any one of the already mentioned signs. On the other hand, malefic Mars placed in any of the above mentioned 4 houses in any of the signs namely Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn may not form Ruchaka Yoga and it may form a defect in the horoscope which may trouble the native with many kinds of problems. This is because a positive yoga is a good thing and good things can only be rendered by benefic planets.

For example, malefic Mars placed in 1st house of a horoscope in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn can render enhanced physical energy and courage to the native but the native may use them negatively. Though this native may witness short term gains by virtue of these qualities, if the overall horoscope is supportive for such gains; the results in the long run may be very bad.

Similarly, malefic Mars present in any of the other three central houses of a horoscope can also cause problems for the native in one sphere of life or the other. Hence, the need for Mars to be benefic is a must meet condition for the formation of Ruchaka Yoga in a horoscope.

How to Build an Empire with Ruchaka Yoga

Moving on to the third condition, Mars should have a fairly good level of activity in order for it to form Ruchaka Yoga of good strength. It should be noted that the strength of any good or bad Yog depends on the strength and level of activity of the planet or planets forming such Yog in a horoscope. Hence the level of activity of a planet is a very important consideration while deciding the formation and results of any Yog in a horoscope as it can significantly affect the net results. Combining all these results, we get the refined definition of Ruchaka Yoga and this is what this definition says.

If Mars is benefic in a horoscope, it is active and it is placed in the any one of the Kendra houses in any one of the signs namely Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn, Ruchaka Yoga is formed, which may bless the native with many types of good results related to the domain of Mars, depending on the overall tone of the horoscope. It should be noted that even if present in a horoscope, any good or bad Yog may not be activated from the time of birth of the native and this activation may vary from person to person.