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Jupiter will be transiting Scorpio Sign in your 9th house, and this promises to be a favorable transit for you. If you are in a job and expecting a promotion etc. Any new ventures which you wish to start in this year, then if possible start them after September this year.

Today's Pisces Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

Those who are having business or operations connected with consultancy, tourism or entertainment, etc. Finance professionals are also going to do well this year. This year is favorable for planning a child or getting pregnant. The Jupiter's transit is favorable for married as well as people who are in love. This year is bright for students and research scholars. Jupiter's transit is good for your robust health, while on the other hand, Saturn's transit is adverse for your mother's as well as spouses' health. Jupiter will be transiting Scorpio Sign in your 9th house, and this promises to be a benevolent transit for you.

Jupiter is going to shower you with its blessings and favorable results. Your fortune will favor you in this period. Some of your long cherished desires and ambitions are likely to be fulfilled. If you are working, and expecting a promotion or a secure and lucrative position, then you are likely to get one in this year. Your earnings will get a boost, and your career will see a marked jump in this year. Jupiter is going to have its aspect on 1st, 3rd, and 5th houses and going to give benefits connected with these houses.

Its aspect on your ascendant is going to provide you with courage and strength to do well in this year in all facets of your life. This year is going to be supportive for doing well and giving you the desired recognition in your career.

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Irrespective of whether you are in business or in a job, your financial situation will be healthy and robust. Your merits and talent will be appreciated and well recognized at your workplace.

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You will advance very well in your career and financial stream. If you are in business and are planning to enter into a new partnership business or a joint venture with someone, then it would be wise and prudent to do so after a careful appraisal of the business plans. Avoid any hasty business actions, as calculated and cautious decisions are likely to give you long-term benefits.

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It is a possibility that new projects undertaken by you in business, could give you fewer profits in the beginning, but after mid-year, the things will be streamlined for you. Those who are having business or operations connected with consultancy, tourism or entertainment, etc can get good results this year. People who are in jobs could see new opportunities at work for them. If you are wishing to change your existing job, then the chance for the same could present itself after March this year.

During the mid year money may be spent on children and family members and for a religious ceremony at home. Some of you may take loans for buying property or other purposes, in the later period. You may make big investments for your spouse and family members. October may bring in good gains through increments, self efforts and inheritance. You may receive incentives, stuck money and money loaned earlier. Foreign investments may give good returns. Gains from unexpected sources, lotteries and friends are possible during the end of the year. Wealth generation may be high during the end of the year.

A good year for financial increases, wealth generation and sound investments for the future. Piscean students are expected to do well in the studies in , according to the predictions regarding higher education. The transit of planets may help you to progress well with the help of your teachers and mentors. The new year may bring a lot of self confidence and grit with the resolution to work hard and excel in academics.

But you may be prone to laziness and procrastination too. You should consciously guard against lethargy, or else you may lose out on precious time. During the first quarter of the year technical, engineering and technology students and those pursuing mass communications, architecture and fine arts are expected to do very well. Students pursuing higher studies, research, Phd, postgraduate studies in medicine and engineering are expected to do extremely during the year.

You may find good job opportunities too. Students appearing for competitive exams may have to work hard, but succeed eventually. In the later period, law students, students studying for the civil services may find the period very favourable and conducive for success. Technical students, nursing and paramedical students, fashion technology students are likely to fare well. CA, commerce, MBA, accountancy students will also find good success. In the mid year, those of you studying foreign languages, journalism and mass communications may look forward to notable success in your respective fields.

Those appearing for competitive exams may expect good success in the later period.

Pisces Moon Sign Daily/Today Horoscope Wednesday, 9th October, 12222

October may bring in achievements and success stories. MBA students, fashion technology students and engineering students may find good openings and jobs through campus interviews. Almost students from all fields may experience a very productive spell during the last quarter of the year. Many of you who are completing your education may find good openings. The year is very good for teachers, professors of technology or for those trying to get into this profession and also for students of hotel management and food technology.

Overall, a very favourable year for achieving goals and for overall success in education. Family atmosphere is expected to be happy and congenial and supportive according to predictions for for Pisces.

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Family ties are expected to be good. In the beginning of the year, and throughout the year, blessings from your father will enhance your good luck. Children may require your attention for good performance in academics. A short trip to a religious cum picnic spot with family and friends is likely in the first quarter of the year. Health of spouse and mother may cause some concern. Some disturbances in family life or clashes over minor issues, with family members is evident in the later period. Such issues should be handled with maturity Some auspicious ceremony or event may be celebrated in the family during mid year, though some differences of opinions may still persist.

Some extra expenses may occur or loans may be taken during the August-September period. You or your spouse may inherit a family heirloom or some legacy during October. Some indications that your spouse may inherit property are seen during this period. A wedding may take place in the family.


Children may make you proud with their achievements. Some of you may turn to spirituality and try to find a deeper meaning to life during the last quarter of the year. Your actions may be more philosophically inclined. Friends may also be supportive. You may feel overwhelmed by the love of family and friends around you. You may have a very good time during the year end with pleasant family atmosphere and harmony among family members.

Overall, a good year with family and friends.

According to the predictions about love and relationships for Pisces for , it seems to be a two-sided coin, in a sense that you may cut away from unhealthy relationships and you may form new meaningful relationships. In the beginning of the year socializing may bring new people, fun and friendships in your life. Your family may be strict on this issue. Singles may meet someone during travels and find a soulmate, and friendships are likely.