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Practice with trusted companions who make you feel understood, then bring your words to the wider world.

How can you create a safe container to feel every last feel, without turning away from your tenderness? And how can you validate your own emotional experiences regardless of outside feedback? This placement asks you to become a hermit crab, carrying your home on your back and learning to hunker down with your own intuitive hits, no matter the storms.

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Do they really love me? Is the constant question circling, as a backdrop to the eternal creative drive of this Saturn. Your capacity for creative self-expression is second-to-none, as you strive to make your mark on the world in ways that are as entertaining and playful as they are meaningful. Learning to create for yourself first and foremost, the critics be damned, is your key to mastery. Whenever you feel yourself getting stuck in a staticky buzz of not-good-enoughs, step outside into the natural world. They simply bloom and shed when the moment is right.

Releasing into your own internal sense of right timing is your greatest lesson. The work here is to learn to accept others as they are, and in doing so learn to love the parts of yourself that for whatever reason you may not be so willing to accept. Practice seeing others as a mirror, and when partnerships prove problematic, make it less about them and more about a lesson in give and take.

But Saturn in Scorpio asks you to brave sharing more of your vulnerability at all costs, and to let these gambles remind you that your unshakable core can never be stolen. Only you can decide what you can drop, and what you really need to take on. But often, do you find yourself taking on more than you can realistically accommodate?

The Hanged Man also asks you to look at things from a different perspective: do you cling to your tasks and responsibilities because the idea of not being busy scares you? Sometimes it is when we are doing nothing when we gain the most insight.

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Dear Cancer , this Scorpio season, hope and healing come to you through an open heart. The Star brings light after darkness, freedom after constraint, a deep exhale. The Ace of Cups signals new emotionally fulfilling and uplifting experiences. When people go through painful situations, loss, heartbreak, or depression—their natural reaction is to close up, to shun the world and protect their hearts. But this is not the path too healing. The Star and the Ace of Cups encourage you to open your heart again, to fill it with love.

This is where you will find growth, wounds need oxygen to heal. True unconditional love is available to you. You will receive it from others, and you will receive it from within. What do the stars have in store for you this month? Dear Leo , this Scorpio season, do not be afraid of those who challenge your vision.

The 2 of Wands is the card of foresight, future planning, and expansion. The 5 of wands is the card of competition and strife. Let people criticize your wildest dreams. This is the universe testing you—do you really want it, are you really ready?

Take their criticism and use it to fuel you. Support yourself, be your own biggest cheerleader. Let the competition drive you, not discourage you. The bigger the climb, the bigger the reward. Dear Virgo , this Scorpio season let truth and clarity be your weapons during any difficult circumstances you may face. The 7 of Wands is the card of courage and self-preservation. The Ace of Swords is the card of pure thought and epiphanies.

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When you stick to the facts and figures, when you remain logical and consistent, you can stand confidently in your power. You will have nothing to prove, because you will be stating only the truth.

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Others can dance around with their egos and their pride. Keep your cool, now is not the time to let loose. Do not take anything personally, stick to the facts.

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  5. Do not be reactive, stick to the facts. Do not think of anyone as the victim or villain, just stick to the facts. Dear Libra , this Scorpio season, do not wait for opportunities for growth, create them.

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    The King of Pentacles is the provider. He is generous, caring, and a man of success and industry. The Ace of Pentacles signals new ventures, and the potential for wealth and success. You do not have to wait for things to fall in your lap. The King of Pentacles and the Ace of Pentacles invites you to tap into your resources, your experience, and your own magic.


    Look to those who created the need and desire for products and services that people did not even know they were missing. We may send free promo messages. With your annual relationship review starting on February 19, this has given you an exceptional opportunity to get in first and establish what you want from your relationships.

    Mercury will turn retrograde in your romantic sector from February 19, giving you a chance to tackle unfinished business in love and let go of the past. Later that month, Mars will then give you a chance to build your relationships on solid foundations when, by end of March Summer will be super romantic for you, dear Leo starting with a Lunar Eclipse in your romantic sector in June. This will pave the way for a new relationship to flourish under a romantic Full Moon in your birthday season. A year that will start with her at the wheel of your relationship sector is going to point your relationships in the right direction from the get go but then she will visit your romantic sector during December to make sure that the romantic flame in your affair is still burning.

    A Solar Eclipse in December, a week before lucky Jupiter visits your relationship sector as well, nicely wraps up a fateful year for your love life! What does destiny and astrology hold for your love life today? Get your personalised Love Life Reading to find out the dates and events that can change your personal life in ! Your career horoscope for is no less exciting, dear Leo.

    Lucky Jupiter will be in that area of your chart and opportunities should come in abundance. If the last few months of have felt like a bit of a whirl wind, it was Pluto turning direct in your work sector that brought things back to life in a dramatic way. With Pluto here from to , taking your work hat off is not going to be an option, for the majority of the year you will be propelled forward by the momentum gained in the first two months of Pluto has been working towards change, growth and evolution for nearly a decade now, and with Saturn here as well for the largest part of the year, this will give you the power to move mountains if you have to.