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Transits are not indicating good results for health, chances of you falling sick due to overwork and stress are possible. Your parents could suffer from joint pains etc.

Sun in Sagittairus in Astrology (Sagittairus horoscope secrets revealed)

Jupiter will be transiting Scorpio Sign in your 12th house. This does not promise to be a favorable transit.

Your Sagittarius Horoscope For 12222 Is Here

You would do well to exercise great caution and care when you deal with others, especially when you are working somewhere, as any wrong move or words could land you into hot waters. Try not to be overly confident when attempting anything, as overconfidence could backfire upon you. Checking the pros and cons of every action is likely to save you from heartbreak and burning your hands upfront. Saturn's Sade Sati is in operation in your horoscope. In transit, Saturn is moving across over your moon sign.

This particular Saturn's transit is known as Janam Shani and is considered to be most adverse of transits of Saturn. If you are working, then developments at your workplace are likely to be very disturbing and force you to even resign from your job, and also if not quit, you are likely to be at tenterhooks most of the year battling with adverse atmosphere and hostile bosses and subordinates.

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Rahu's transit which is moving across over the 8th from your Moon sign is going to be an adverse transit from every respect. Problems at workplace and business are likely to keep you down almost the whole of the year. In this year, try not to get into any disputes with your colleagues or subordinates this year.

Jupiter has entered in your 12th house, and this transit is likely to suck your lot of energy, as there are chances you are likely to spend a lot of energy in to unless activities which won't give you any paying results. Overwork can tire you out, and you could even get sick during the year a few times. The Vogue Wedding Show. Wedding Directory. School of rocks. Read our horoscopes that help you navigate through the highs and lows of life with special tips for each zodiac sign. Horoscope today: October 9, Horoscope today: October 8, Horoscope today: October 7, Horoscope today: October 6, Weekly Career Horoscope: October 7 — October 13, Weekly Love Horoscope: October 7 — October 13, Horoscope today: October 5, Horoscope today: October 4, Horoscope today: October 3, Horoscope today: October 2, Sun Sign Horoscope.

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Aries Horoscope Today: October 8, Seek assistance of teachers and classmates to comprehend subjects. You may even organize group studies during exams. Maintain healthier relations with your teachers and batch-mates, as they may be of the most help to you at this time. This year may be challenging for technical education students, like those pursuing Engineering. They may have to work harder to succeed. Art students need to study good Literature books to add to their knowledge bank.

In case of students pursuing higher studies, there may arise issues but you may be able to resolve such issues with your hard work and efforts. Take much care of your health and stay focused to achieve your aim in life. Read: Effect of planets in different houses. Horoscope for Sagittarius zodiac sign predicts some newness in your family life this year. You may be so busy in your professional life in that there will not be much time for the family.

As a result, your family life may be affected. In such circumstances, you may have to balance your personal and professional life. Happiness may thrive in your family, if you succeed in balancing out both the lives. During the major part of this year, there may be happiness in the family. There may be peace at home. There may be lovelier relations amongst family members. There is possibility of marriage taking place this year in your family.

Your close ones may stay healthier and fit than before. Your parents may face trivial medical issues. Take special care of your parents in this time and serve them properly.

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Your siblings may progress in their field of work. You may buy or construct a new house with the help of your family members. Your siblings may also help you financially. Overall, your family life may be perfect in Sagittarius Horoscope may give mixed results for your marital life. You have to see highs and lows in your marriage this year. Try to understand your spouse feelings in adverse situations and be dedicated towards him or her.

If there is a misunderstanding between you two, resolve it instantly, otherwise this misunderstanding may turn into a big fight. It may be better to keep calm and avoid entering into a tiff with your life-partner.

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If both of you will argue, your married life may be highly disturbed. Understand your responsibilities for your life-partner and fulfil their needs. Likewise, your married life may be happy. You may also enjoy parenthood in Your child may become ideologically mature, but you need to take care of them during June and August. Their health may deteriorate at this time. Your son or daughter may perform better in exams.

Take care of your life-partner as well. Do not run away from your responsibilities as a spouse and avoid being unconcerned for your partner. If you are unmarried Sagittarius native, you may tie marriage knot. Marriage is on the cards. So, be ready to enter into a new life. There may be many instances when your love relation may strengthen. You may be serious about your love life. If you enter into an argument with your lover, it may be better to keep calm and end the argument.

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  8. Discuss to resolve the argument before it blows into a big quarrel. January, March, April, and May can be the most favourable for your love life.

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    Your love relations may get more intimate at this time. If you are a Sagittarius native whose love journey has just begun, you may be head over heels in love. You may be fully dedicated towards your lover. You may spend joyous moments with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You may go on a lunch, dinner or movie date with your lover in this time.

    Besides, romance will be in the air.

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    You will present a special gift to your lover on his or her birthday. You may even organize a big birthday bash for your girlfriend or boyfriend. There may be instances when you have to face disappointment and sadness in your love life.

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    Your lover may be annoyed or upset with you due to some reason. Try to persuade them with love in such a situation. According to Sagittarius Horoscope , health of Sagittarius natives may remain average this year. You may have to face medical issues. March and April may be the best for your health. Horoscope forecasts that you may complain of arthritis this year. You may even experience backache. Take proper care of your health during January and February. You may face several trivial health-related problems at this time. You may suffer from fever, cough, headache, and swelling.

    Travelling may make you fatigued.